Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2

Nvidia 3D Vision Driver
3D Vision Compatibility Patch.
In game settings maxed. Depth of field/FXAA off. FOV 98.
Nvidia Inspector Settings
SMAA Injector: ULTRA[Instructions] You need to make a copy of dx9settings.ini and put in /Borderlands 2/ + /Borderlands 2/Binaries/

-Could be considered a "loot game."
-DLC is pretty terrible. Captain Scarlett is good, pass on the rest, unless you want additional characters which are not included in the DLC package.
-Non-stop adrenal action.
-Multiple styles/characters to play.
-Great Soundtrack,characters,story,dialog,graphics,gameplay,co-op.
-EXPLOSIONS!? (sorry had to do that)
Rating: A+
Explanation: First off let me begin by saying I hate Gearbox as a company[bad business practices] but game rocks.
The DLC is comparatively poor to campaign with exception of Captain Scarlett. Still has amazing playtime even at a single non "Vault hunter" playthrough. Additional difficulty playthroughs with same character are only recommended if playing with friends. I find it only as a means the developer used of extending playtime. I find its better to just create a new character and play with some brand new mechanics. I always find it hilarious the posts with people who say it got boring/bad because they got tired of it after 30+ hours.
PC Release Status: Picked up by Nvidia its not quite on par graphically with its DX11 counterpart Batman AA/AC but its impressively close due to scale.This is the first game where Physx actually impressed me and the effects go crazy but actually makes sense with game. Batman aa/ac uses it well in a few select scenes but that's it. Now the problem.... Physx hits like a truck even in 2D but especially in 3D. If you are suffering low framerate I can almost guarantee that's why. I kind of would really hate to turn it off though tbh but you got to do what you go to do if your in that boat I guess.

-First person/Guns Depth is not correct. This is made more apparent in central hub(Sanctuary) and with high convergence setting. This is mainly due to how they did FOV. I recommend reducing FOV to 90-95. Playing at higher FOV makes guns seem out of whack from rest of world[You don't need more then 95...] Outside of Sanctuary I honestly find it hard to notice at 92 FOV.
-Physx "blobs" do not render 100% perfect.
-Gunzerker character is not recommended as a character choice
-Game is very beautiful in 3D and you find physx effects stand out and draw your attention. Not to mention due to nature of game it gets pretty insane and can be literally everywhere.
-The world of Pandora is  a chaotic world and with ton's of things happening around you it really draws you in.
Rating: B+
Explanation: The issues are kind of minimal as long as you stay in the FOV ratio mentioned or do not go crazy with convergence. On paper the gun depth/physx blob issue seems bad but you got to go out of your way to let it bother you [Or not follow instructions].


  1. I thought this was fantastic in 3d, never play it in 2d. For some reason I enjoyed the original more though. Is that wrong?

    1. Its definetly better then BL1 in pretty much every way but if you did everything in BL1 then played BL2 its kinda like hey, I spent XX hours doing something similiar to this before.
      I played BL1 before but like a quick run with no DLC and just 1 campaign. If I did everything I'd probably feel different. I think people who played BL2 first couldn't stomach BL1 tbh.

  2. I have completed level 1 of borderlands game..

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  3. Replies
    1. His gunzerk mechanic interferes with the gunsight mechanic [it lowers convergence when using sights]
      Holding right click lowers the 3d effect/convergence when aiming so it does this as well when gunzerking.

      Can you? Yes.
      You get to see what I mean in like first 10 minutes of game so you can decide for yourself if you really want to but there a lot of other characters to choose from.