Tomb Raider [2013]

 Tomb Raider [2013]

Nvidia 3D Vision Driver [Shouldn't matter. Either need 3D Vision or AMD]
Requires newest update
DX11 Ingame Settings Maxed. I recommend turning OFF Postprocessing/ TressFX/Depth of Field
Post Processing: Causes occasional issues with water and other effects. See video/benchmark. I turn off but I didn't monitor the full aesthetic/visual cost.
TressFX: Its kind of unrealistic or perhaps ultra realistic. Either way it detracts from game because you find yourself just watching her hair. It just seems like Lara has horse hair. Thin, light, gleaning horse hair...I say NEIGH. Not to mention, lara's body/clothing takes punishment from cuts, bruises, smoke, mud, fire, etc..... Her hair does not.
DepthofField: I always turn off if given option for 3D but that's my preference.

-Very limited enemy models. Lara first kill is an important moment, then the guy literally keeps showing up over.. and over again.
-Bow is only weapon you need. I guess its not that huge, since game would be fine just with bow but over 80% of kills according to square enix were with bows which kind of says something.
-Lara has no transition. Scared girl to future Tomb Raider is in the blink of an eye. This is my huge pet peeve.
-Great adventure
-Very scenic
-Makes you want to explore and rewards you.
-You actually feel for Lara / her situation and may even feel the need to try your best to protect her.[Sounds odd but a lot of people felt this way]
-The amount of "abuse" that happens to Lara should feel unrealistic but you find yourself never doubting. You will constantly be shocked and amazed.
Rating: A-
Explanation: I really wanted to give it a lesser rating because of my pet peeve that Lara has no transition but I played it twice and I literally explored it entirely. So its kind of unfair since I enjoyed the game so much. Lara supposedly had "training" but she looks like an average Freshman/Sophmore at College. She is not particularly fit and she somehow climbs like a spider monkey, hunts like in Hunger Games, knows how to mod weapons, etc. She goes from killing one man for first time to killing hundred's. For an origin story, it just feels like pages were pulled from the book.
Now that I got that out of the way, its a great adventure game. Easily second best after the Uncharted series which are not on PC.
PC Release Status: This game is VERY WELL optimized and looks BEAUTIFUL. Not only is it entirely high res, but it has a level of detail rarely found in games now adays. Not to mention features like AA/TXAA/etc. I am not an Nvidia "fan boy" but AMD titles are usually kind of bad as far as optimization/features but this title was a home run.

-Post Processing either needs to be off or occasional issue.
-Near perfect.
-Hud elements are actually built for 3D.
-Very beautiful/Scenic.
-It really makes you want to explore and admire the detail.
Rating: A+
Explanation: Tomb Raider even as a 2D game is beautiful. As a 3D game it makes you admire the detail the developers put into it. I generally go from point A-> point B till I beat game and I constantly found myself exploring and before I knew it I found all the Tombs. 3D made this great game amazing and changed how I played it.

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