The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Settings Used:
3D Vision Driver
3D Compatibility Patch[EXTRACT TO GAME FOLDER]

-Little Replayability.
-Great story
-Not tied to TV series [Do not need to be a fan]
Rating: A
Explanation: This is one of those games I recommend to everyone. Great Game. Great Price. Video game/ Walking Dead/ Movie fans can enjoy this story [Of a certain age]. I am not a fan of the TV series [Progression is way too slow]. There are tear jerker moments in this game that I cant blame anyone for. Very engaging.

-Hud can be an inconvience[Hud has been optimized but its not perfect]
-More engaging.
Rating: B+
Explanation: This is one of those, Im not sure if I am being too lenient/harsh. Hud has been optimized for 3D with patch. But there are plenty of times when its still inconvenient. I do think anyone can play this title in 3D but it may come at cost of lower depth setting depending on the user.


  1. I played this last year and was surprised by how well it rendered in S3D. I think I tried to give depth to the UI, but couldn't find a shader for it.

    That was during my "drought" when I had no luck fixing any game for several months. It was before I discovered that HUD elements can sometimes be on a VS that causes a completely black screen when selected.

    I'm surprised you thought it had little replayability, given the number of meaningful choices. I don't think they affect the ending much, but the journey can be different.

    I hope you'll write a review for Remember Me. I've heard that the game isn't very good, but I just watched your video of it. It renders with some annoying problems, but it's playable. It might be worth checking out.

    1. I've only had got to play 2 chapters of remember me. Outside either reduced convergence setting/ shadows it doesnt really have issues. tbh. Anything that happens is minor.

    2. BTW, its a feature that allows this game to work in dx9settings.

      Problem is it partly skill to fix past there. A lot more then usual hud fix. Insane manual labor. Its in same shader as models...which is a strange place for a hud. When something that shouldnt be is in same shader as models, all hell breaks lose. You know half life 2's sky box thats all over the place. Same thing. Each hud element needs to be seperated manually from hud elements that have depth/models... Not fun times. Its one of those I didn't realize how bad it was till I started and it was too late to quit.

      Replayablility is just because its choices impact much less then you think. Its pretty linear, like I told someone Witcher 2 can be up to 40% different and mass effect can be up to like 33% different depending on doing "Opposites".
      When I played Walking Dead to patch it. I'd say its maybe a 5%.

    3. I agree that Witcher 2 and ME1-3 have a lot more choices and consequences than TWD; as they should since they are much more complex games.

      But all that's required for above-average replayability is that there is something in the game that can't be experienced in a single play-through.

      In some games, it's talent trees that can't be completely filled. In others it's different classes or high scores.

      Adventure games are one of my favorite genres, and I have played many of them. TWD's replayability is far above the zero replayability most adventure games have.

      Whether an person thinks a particular game has enough of a different experience to be worth playing again is a matter of personal preference. Personally, I replay very few games, even if they have high replay value.

      But TWD objectively has a replay value higher than most games in its genre.

      Disclosure: I never got around to replaying TWD. lol.

    4. BTW, I think I can fix all of Last Remnant issues [pretty fast]. Its up to you if its okay. I will list it by Eincrou/Eqzitara. UE3 past a certain date I can fix [there are a few exclusions] like in a few minutes.

  2. Hi, thank you this fix. It really makes playing it in 3D a good experience; had to tweak the convergence and use 40% depth to make it work well for me.

    I did have one question though. I like to use the EVGA Precision overlay and cannot get it to work with this dll. So, I tried to use Helix's hook version (from Helixmod blog - Far Cry 3 page), but I cannot make it work with this fix. Any thoughts why it might not work? I have been able to use it with other of Helix's fixes (such as Blood Dragon and Papo Yo).

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      go into dllsinjection/release
      drag the files over. Do not replace dx9settings.ini

      Delete your d3d9.dll

      open existing dx9settings.ini
      add this line
      change game.exe to whatever it is prob walkingdead.exe I forget

    2. First sorry if this is a double post, but somehow my posts don't always stick. I tried this and it still does not work for some reason. The game loads and my overlay works with no application termination. But, the menu items and stuff that you moved from screen depth to deeper are back at screen depth.

      Here is what I put in the dx9settings.ini:


      That is the name of the executable.

      Also, not sure if it would matter but I noticed that in your shaderoverride/vertexshaders you have a file named new 2.txt and a folder called New Folder which has the same files. I will try removing those to see what happens.

      Thanks for your help!

    3. You got use my instructions.

      You aren't using ANY DLL. You delete the d3d9.dll. Then launch helixmodlauncher.exe THEN launch the game.

      If it doesnt work, I really couldnt say since I dont currently have it installed. Helix still has plans for a better patch which is why its off the site, so may want to wait. Though I have no idea of when/if it will happen *shrug* up to you.

    4. Hi, yes, I followed the directions. Are you saying that I am not supposed to copy over the helixmod.dll that is included with the HelixLauncher.exe? I thought that was needed, as I used it for Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon and Papo Yo.

      I think it just does not like this game for some reason. I am not going to worry about it any more though as your fix works for me as long as I disable the Precision overlay for the game. I will just stick with that and enjoy the game. If Helix gets around to updating it then I will just have to play again. :-)

      Thanks for your help.