Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

Settings Used:
3D Vision Driver
3D Compatibility Patch
NVIDIA AA override settings

-May get repetitive to some people [Not me]
-Tied to Warhammer which may be offputting for some people.
-Difficulty can catch you off gaurd [Not seeing a boss/ Squig [Exploder]]
-A good warhammer game [DOW are kind of good... but all the same. Play one play them all.]
-Lots of weapons
-Empowering[Really makes you feel like a genetically modified super soldier]
Rating: B+
Explanation: Its sort of the reason I feel Bulletstorm is one of the best single player FPS.... Its just fun. You have to go out of your way not to enjoy this game unless you see Warhammer in a negative light. Surprisingly difficult at times but getting that kill.... so rewarding.
Seriously, when you get the Thunder Hammer + Jetpack you feel cooler then Thor.

-Shadows removed
-Some very minor lighting removed
-Occasionally some objects will be in wrong depth[very situational].
-Visceral, close combat, fun....Yeah I want to play it in 3D.
Rating: C-/D+
Explanation: Well this was one of those train wreck games that I wanted to see how far I could get. I guess Im trying to defend myself lol. But there wasnt a single object/texture/whatever on screen that wasn't broken. Anywho, I dont think the issues will stop any hardcore 3D player from playing but it will probably seperate the hardcore 3D users from the people who occasionally/often play games in 2D.[Not that thats a bad thing. We all do our own thing.]
In all honesty probably my worst patch since I started but their is something about this game in 3D for me. I just really enjoyed it when I would of otherwise skipped it in 2D. *Shrug*


  1. I am one of those guys that plays games in 2D often. Including this game, which I played two months ago.

    I'd play every game in S3D if they all worked properly, but many don't. Again, including this game.

    Being a "hardcore 3D user" just means somebody who is forced to skip experiencing good games because they don't work in 3D. Not really a smart way to go about enjoying the hobby of playing video games. lol

    The game is hella fun in 2D, so I'm sure it would be a blast in 3D. It was very broken, so I'm impressed with what you've been able to accomplish.

    1. Too many games as is, You'd be surprised how many people just play 3D games and how many games they play. Much more then you + I combined. You care more about resolution, some people care more about 3D.
      *Shrug* Its more a work in progress then a finished product. I take no offense to it. Its by far my worse patch in very long time.

    2. I mainly put up this page, just as a warning before anyone invests money.