God Mode

God Mode
WARNING: This is pretty much a multi player only game. I guess most people could tell from game description. I kind of figured it was like Orcs Must Die 2. So basically if you are going to play this game a lot later then April 2013. Make sure game is still active. Game is also capped at 45 frames per second.

Settings used:
3D Vision Driver.
Chiri's Convergence Unlocker tool

I am skipping this section since its MP only and I tend to mainly focus on single player.

-Minor hud issues. Mainly due to 2D hud elements and playing at high convergence can cause some minor annoyances.
-Issues are very minimal.
Rating: B+
Explanation: I haven't played it enough to judge it so I am kind of low balling it. It may be higher, might be a bit lower. Its impossible for me to give an accurate rating when I only played for like 15 minutes before admitting that I wouldn't want to play it since it has no single player support.

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