Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend
Above video is a little high on convergence in third person view because I was showing someone an explanation of creating a separate depth/convergence presets and how it is very beneficial in third person games.

Nvidia 3d Vision Driver
In game settings maxed: Game has great AA options as well as FOV

-Gameplay can be repetitive.
-Side quests are not rewarding for most part.[Can give some funny dialog sometimes]
-Wierd difficulty ramping issues.
-Awesome comedy
-Awesome soundtrack
-Awesome story
-Awesome Style
Rating: B
Explanation: Double Fine has a huge fan base deservedly so. Some people were weary when they heard about Jack Black based character[Kinda?] and voice acting but he does a fantastic job. The game suffers from some "meh" gameplay not to mention it just ramps up randomly in difficulty and you will start chain dieing during sudden parts. It kind of feels like there should of been a little tutorial but game just assumes you know. I know it sounds like I am nailing it to the cross but outside of gameplay it has some best comedy/style/soundtrack in gaming.  If you played Alice Madness Returns its same exact issue though gameplay is not NEARLY as bad as Alice. Music gets you pumped and makes you totally forget the gameplay make it feel epic during a lot of key moments. The comedy/story/style makes you beg for more games of this caliber.
PC Release Status: This is one of the games that people call a "port" because it has a few issues but its not a straight "port". Game is much graphically superior to console counter part. It offers a variety of options such as FOV/great AA and offers much superior graphics. However there is some skybox tearing[Probably due to FOV. I could of reduced and checked but never felt need], and shadow glitching occasionally. Shadow issue may make you panic but it doesn't happen often. I honestly thought they were 3D issues when I first saw them and had to turn off 3D and check.

-Related to 2D issues[See port issues]
-Perfect compatibility.
-Its kind of awesome seeing these ultra stylized models in 3D. The art designer had a great vision, and rather then see a 2D picture of it we get to explore all angles of it. Check video photo album imo.
Explanation: A+ for compatibility, Helix as always does an amazing job and literally makes it flawless. The problem is with its console to pc issues[See in 2D] such as skybox tearing looks more off in 3D then 2D but its not a game breaker. Thankfully the issues do not get in the way of an amazing 3D vision game.

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