Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5

Nvidia 3d vision driver
Chiri's Convergence Unlocker [Option 1]
Chiri's Convergence Unlocker w/ key press for different setting [Option 2] *Let's you press a key and use a reduced convergence setting during cinematics. See comments sections*
DX10 - Settings Maxed. Turn off motion blur/VSYNC[Force on in nvidia control panel. In game VSYNC has issues]

-Designed with co-op in mind
-Moving/directional mechanic bothers a lot of people
-First RE game that completely gives up horror
-Some people dislike the QTE's
-Lots of cool cinematics
-Variety of enemies
Rating: B-
Explanation: I couldnt really think of much to write in 2D category. Its just a solid game, I dont think anyone will hate it besides the diehards of the series[1/3]. But I also don't think anyone will love it.

-Water reflections are broken
-Some light issues like sunglare/ray. Relatively minor [See video of light off Sunglasses]
-Not much is broken.
-Really brings out the walking horrors and the cinematics just really bring you in. 
Rating: A- 
Explanation: Alot of people tried RE5 when it first came out... and it was convergence locked. So if you read hate in the past that's why. It was at the point where it almost seemed 2D since everything is in depth. I assumed that everything past that point was broken.Chiri made his wrapper and surprisingly nothing major had issues. The developers didn't want to fix the minor issues and wanted 3D vision rating. I still think they could of had it since Max Payne 3 still has same exact issues. This was a real tragedy that took years to fix.

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