Nvidia 3d vision driver
3D Vision Compatibility Patch[For Gunsight/Possibly crosshair depending on user]
In-game settings MAX. In-game AA off
Nvidia inspector AA settings
SMAA injector: ULTRA

-Single player only and length is around 6 hours
-Ending has no resolve and is meant to be open for a sequel that will never happen.
-Very fun style of game with great comedy
-Lots of weapons with cool mechanics
-Finding new ways to kill is rewarding.
Rating: A-
Explanation: I do not think multiplayer is always necessary but I understand why dev's think so. I think this game is very underrated and its value has been undermined by piracy and people requiring multiplayer on games in order to purchase. Great humor and a combat system that rewards for asking the question. What if?

-For many individuals there are hud/crosshair issues though for some its reported to be fine it may be due to nvidia drivers but no ones been able to figure it out. [See settings to alleviate cross-hair/gun sight issue]
-Minor issues that are scene dependent. It totals to around a couple of minutes in the whole game that actually see an issue.
-Issues are minimal.
-Adds to the in your face style of game which is Bulletstorm.
Rating: A or B+
Explanation: There is an issue with HUD that only some people experience. This issue has not been solved. Its still an amazing 3D game but the cost may be turning off crosshair, which I actually kind of prefer in 3D games with ironsight. However occasionally HUD elements will show at wrong depth[See video.] Though an annoyance it doesnt detract too much.


  1. Great fun and got to love that walking down the side of the skyscraper part!

  2. +1
    There are a number of frankly epic setpieces in this game. Positively gleeful in 3D!