Sanctum 2

Sanctum 2

Settings Used:
Nvidia 3D Vision Driver
3D Vision compatibility Patch
[OPTIONAL AA SETTINGS BELOW]Game has good AA built in. If you want to use Nvidia inspector for a bit better AA disable in-game MSAA first
-Nvidia inspector AA settings [I use same profile for Sanctum 1/2 since they both need same settings and strangely have the same name]
-Optional injector AA  LINK HERE + GUIDE HERE

-Completely different from Sanctum 1. Could be a pro depending on outlook.
-Minor. Have to go back to "base" to pick up resources. [No idea why]
-Customization. Weapons, traits, more towers, etc.
-Fast paced.You definitely always need to take part in battle.
-Many maps/enemies. My huge pet peeve with first one.
Rating: B+
Explanation: Its a completely different game from Sanctum 1 and certainly has bang for buck. Its 50% tower defense / 50% first person shooter.  The traits/customization add a nice twist and can change how you defend based on them. All my "problems" with the first one have been addressed and its a much more solid experience.
However there are things I miss from Sanctum 1. Sanctum 1 was huge in scale where it was like you in are in an ant farm and you got to use alot more "blocks". However that doesn't seem to be good design for the fast paced nature of Sanctum 2. So while I definitely think its a much more solid release, I can understand why the die-hards may have trouble enjoying new release.

-Mini-map's drawing is removed [Positions/objects are still there]. Its not as big of a deal as it sounds.
-Minor hud inconveniences. Crosshair removed/etc.
-Going face to face with big monsters that want nothing more to smash you to pieces is always fun.
-No major issues.
Rating: A-/B
Explanation: Its A- if you are like me and don't need a crosshair when aiming from the hip[I actually prefer]. B if not, though I think you could still be able to adapt especially depending on weapon choice like sniper rifle/shotgun. The hud inconviences are because its not depth accurate but I think its manageable. May come at reduced depth setting but did not for me. I really enjoyed it in 3D though I think Sanctum 1 is better in 3D in all aspects. Sanctum 1 is flawless in 3D in my opinion and its just awesome because everything in Sanctum 1 is so massive in scale. Though I admit Sanctum 2 is a better overall game.


  1. I just want to thank you for rating games in terms of 3D. I also want to express my appreciation for your support of 3D Vision. Great job!

    - B.

    1. BTW, check out .They just started up again and are taking a similar format. So it should help pick out games.

    2. Hey Eqzitara thnx for all the great reviews. I actually read through them before I get the games or what not. Thank you guys for keeping 3D gaming alive!