Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2

Nvidia 3d Vision Driver
In-game settings Maxed
If you crash in-game repeatedly. Turn SLI OFF. Game's 3D renderer at this point in time does not support SLI.

I'm skipping this section for this game since two different games and someday third. If you like RTS's though they are probably best in genre besides the older games like WC3 (imo)

-You need to play with a very particular setting.
-Game still has a good amount of issues. Water, certain effects, etc.
-Everything non-combat related is 2D. Story scenes, Cinematics, Unit picture.
-Its more worth using visually then not for campaign.
Rating: C-
Explanation: Game has its own renderer, should see it in options. To get game to work you basically want the 2D hud elements to rest comfortably over the head of a ground unit in center of screen using convergence. Then basically use depth at your own discretion. If you played an overhead game with a 2D mouse its kind of similar.I found that the 3D effect in game was pretty weak and very limited by renderer.
The main killer for this game is that no story is in 3D. Its something nice to have on for campaign but its definetly not a 3D game. I really doubt many people will use it online unless for casual play.

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