Quantum Conundrum

Quantum Conundrum

Settings used:
Nvidia 3D vision Driver
3D vision compatibility Patch
Nvidia Inspector AA Settings
Optional injector AA  LINK HERE + GUIDE HERE
In game settings Max. Make sure you tweak FOV

-Story/humor is weak.
-Ending is bad.
-Puzzles are very inventive.
-Mechanics to solving the puzzles are very cool.
-Difficulty scales well as game progresses.
Rating: C+
Explanation: Basically everything story related is not worth mentioning. The puzzles are on par with Portal 2 and are actually more difficult/deadly which is kind of ironic due to game's setting. So basically if you want Portal's 2 puzzles without the story its a good game to try out. I even believe the puzzles were designed by a person who worked on Portal.
PC Release Status: Its called by a few straight "port" but that's not accurate. Its got a real simple design and nothing detailed but its UE3. Nothing really excels graphically in most cases with anything UE3 but it ALWAYS scales up to PC. This is a $15 puzzle game, not the next Battlefield.

-Shadows removed
-Games fundamentally simple design allows you to play at very high 3D settings. Very high depth/convergence as long as ghosting is not an issue. If you don't know what I am talking about its basically Mirror's Edge/ any First person game without hands/weapons.
-Depth perception is no longer an issue when making deadly jumps or putting an object in a far away place.
Rating: B+
Explanation: Its a game thats got minimal as far as graphics/design but 3D makes it more interesting especially since you can blast the settings and even "depth hack" if you want. It doesn't have issues of a usually first person game. Its kind of cool to truly see the puzzle before jumping in.


  1. Dude, the game was designed by the CREATOR of Portal, not just someone who worked on it.

    I personally liked the feel-good vibe of the game, though I agree that the story and characters are significantly below the standard set by Portal 2 (though probably about on par with Portal 1)

    Thanks for the review. I've just started with 3D (got my monitor yesterday!) and have just discovered this blog and Helixmod. I'm really impressed by the service you provide to the community.

    1. Thank you, I got to cause Nvidia isnt :P

      Its ironic, that you posted on this game. I think I am gonna fix shadows now that I know how after Zeno Clash 2. I wouldnt feel too bad if you already finished since I dont think shadows make a difference especially in this game. Though there are diehards that only play games with shadows *rolls eyes*. Not saying some games need shadows like horror, stealth, etc.

      I honestly only heard something about portal and just assumed it was puzzle designer because thats the only vibe I felt. I think its puzzles were way better then portal 1. It was a great game and I probably judged it a bit hard because ending was a punch in the gut. Too bad I think Square Enix blew all the money on this game on a terrible ad campaign.

      Good luck to you, have any questions drop me a line.
      Off the top of my head make sure...
      -Make sure you know what convergence is and how to use. Nvidia control panel->set up stereoscopic 3d->set keyboard shortcuts-> advanced.
      Assign keys. and hold down for a few seconds in game[at most 30] till you see screen shift. If you look at left/right RE5 images it sums up what convergence is. http://helixmod.blogspot.com/2012/06/how-to-unlock-convergence-in-locked.html
      -Go into nvidia control panel->manage 3d settings->Maximum pre-rendered frames:1
      Some games occasionally have issues where they clip at end of screen... This generally fixes that.

    2. I actually heard about Quantum Connundrum a year or two before it came out. Since it was being made by the woman who made Portal, I was excitedly waiting for it for ages. If not for that, I may have barely noticed it when it finally arrived - the marketing seemed severely underdone.

      I agree that the puzzles are better than Portal 1. Portal 1 always felt just a little bit like a proof-of-concept to me more than a full game. I never knew why it was so highly regarded by everyone. It was great of course, but Portal 2 was better in almost every single way.

      Anyway, I will probably return to Quantum Conundrum one day because I believe there are some DLC levels that I have bought but not yet played. I'll probably try waiting till you fix those shadows....but please don't fix them just on account of me!

      Thanks for the 3D tips. I've enabled convergence, but it's been locked in most games I've tried so far. I'll check out that Resident Evil link. I'll also check my pre-rendered frames settings.


    3. Which games are "locked"?

    4. From memory: Witcher 2, Hard Reset, Sleeping Dogs, Metro 2033. I might have gotten one or two wrong, but I don't remember any of those changing convergence when I tried it

    5. Okay just wanted to make sure it wasnt something wrong

      Metro 2033/Witcher 2/ Hard Reset can be changed with ini settings though. It doesnt really matter now though. Youd have to check nvidia forums