Doom 3 BFG

Doom 3 BFG
  *These videos are not my own. They are better qualitity then I would of did so credit goes to them.*

Nvidia 3d vision driver *Doesn't matter for Doom 3*
In-game settings maxed
Additional settings graphical settings/ 3d optimizations

-Many existing qualms from Doom 3.
-Graphically worse textures then Modded Doom 3
-Game is a dated re release.
-Improvements over Doom 3 such as graphics,flashlights.
-Extended campaign a few hours.
Rating: C+
Explanation: Keep in mind I dont rate graphics.
Wasn't a huge fan of it first time around. I guess they did something similar to Chronicles of Riddick but I wasn't really impressed this time around especially from what I talk about below. In all honesty Doom 3's shadows/lighting to this date[05/04/13] impress me. If you really want to play DOOM 3 in 3D go ahead. If you played it before though make sure 3D is enough of a selling point for you.
PC Release Comparison BFG/Non-BFG: Doom 3 BFG has some improvements in shadows/lighting/miscellaneous. The problem is that even in Doom 3 that stuff was amazing.
Doom 3 was modded with better textures which it desperately needed. Doom 3 BFG is not compatible.

-Its kind of barebones. They didnt really leave instructions on how to maximize for 3D. A whole bunch of people got together on 3DVision-blog and we discussed optimizing it. Mainly Arioch and a few others.
-They went above and beyond optimizing for 3D though they forgot the instruction manual.
Rating: A+ / A-
Explanation: A+ if you are willing to read instructions listed and search in comments of 3DVision-blog. Game allows you to get everything you want out of it. You don't like laser light in 3D? Make it smaller. Don't like the head bobbing in 3D? Turn it off. Field of View? No problem.
TBH, I think everyone who is interested in 3D should own a copy just because they put more work into it then any developer and mostly own there own dime.

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