Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3
Warning: Top most video is kind of a spoiler. If you don't know who robot in preview is. Please then don't click.
Settings used:
Nvidia 3D Vision Driver
3D vision compatibility patch by Helix w/ Depth of Field removed
Nvidia inspector AA settings
SMAA injector set to:ULTRA[Instructions]
High resolution textures by Smarteck[Warning: Can extend load time of game 5 minutes+]
If shadows appear wrong during gameplay: Alt tab out of game then back in

-Game is not as strong as Mass Effect 2.
-Known for poor ending. Though many believe this has been alleviated with extending ending.
-DLC is mixed bag.[From Ashes/Citadel is definitely worth buying]
-Very solid RPG. One of my top 10.
-Multiple playthroughs of different characters actually feel rewarding.
-Story/characters are interesting.
-Play how you want. Gender? No problem. Bad ass? Sure why not.
-Gameplay is awesome and allows a lot of variants.
Explanation: Game kind of got shit on by fan base because of ending. Its a series/game that is so amazing that basically a bad ending was crushing. No game series to date offered such an emotional investment. The ending has since been improved probably in the first time in history and the Citadel DLC is easily best Mass Effect series DLC and helps as a final goodbye to the series. I definitely recommend getting that DLC.

-Some hud elements have issues in 3d.
-Very minor issues.
-Easily second best rpg in 3D[Witcher 2 is first]
-Story/cinematics are more engrossing and depth is added to the battlefield
Explanation: Issues are extremely minor and helps you really get into this amazing space opera. Occasionally an effect will still have issues but considering the scale of the game its almost non-existent.

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