Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever

Nvidia 3d vision driver
In-game settings maxed. Post Processing OFF

-Poor gameplay, writing, comedy, soundtrack, etc
-He's back?
Rating: D-
Explanation: There are plenty of reviews on the web to check out if you haven't played it but its just another gearbox cash grab game. Only reason I didn't give it an F is because it actually runs smooth and no crashing.
PC Release Status: Picked up by Nvidia but its using Unreal 2.5 which was even at the time like 10 years outdated. So basically alot better then consoles and good performance but nothing to write home about.

-All non-crosshair hud elements are 2D which often interfere with gameplay.[See video]
-Reduction in graphical settings. Post processing does have a negative effect on the overall visuals, similiar to turning off on an UE3 game.
-Minor issues. Gun depth slightly off/Mirror reflections are broken.
-Almost no issues.
Rating: B
Explanation: A- for 3D compatibility. Down to a B for aesthetics. There is a visual hit for 3D due to post processing and this game suffers a similar issue as Max Payne 3 in a different way. Its so open and environments/models are only put into game when the developer feels they had to. Its a game of bare minimums and even in 3D it feels very devoid.

Final Note: I am a firm believer that 3D adds to almost every game in some way as long as issues are minimal. It can make decent game great but it cant make this boring game fun

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  1. I played this from day 1 in 3d and never understood what all the hate was about. Can pick the game up for next to nothing and it's great fun.