Sacred Citadel

Sacred Citadel

Settings Used:
Nvidia 3D vision driver

Skipping section.
Explanation: If I had to rate it, it looks like a D. It might turn your frown upside down with a co-op partner but as of demo it just seems boring. Its one of those "xbox live co-op games." I definetly recommend hooking up a controller because I played on PC and controls are really weird. 

-No issues
-Hud is 3D.
Rating: A+
Explanation: Well I only played a level but it seemed flawless. So may want to take that into account but I doubt it has anything game breaking. While being kind of plain graphically/artistically it offers a little bit of a multilayered design similar to Trine 2/Rayman Origins. Free demo on steam if interested.

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