Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

 Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Settings Used:
3D vision Driver
3D vision compatibility patch by Chiri/Me
NEED to update to 1.02. If using steam version ignore this.

-No real interesting story/characters.
-Gameplay is much worse then RE4/5/6
-Its a game built for co-op/online. You can play by yourself, but its a diluted experience. In 5/6 you could play by yourself and its just less fun. In RC the game doesn't feel whole.
-Co-op campaign
-Choose squad/your own character with own mechanic
-Familiar faces IF you are a fan of series.
Rating: C [Coop buddy/ Fan of Resident Evil Story] /D+ [None of above]
Explanation: If your not a fan at all of Resident Evil/do not have co-op buddy I'd recommend skipping unless you can pick up at like $7.50 or below. Its not as bad as people say but that doesn't make it good. I mean you can play and generally finish it once but its not a lasting experience and you probably won't feel the need to ever play it again. If you got co op buddies/fan of resident evil story it will mean more to you then it did me.
PC release status: Its got a good deal of improvements over console release. Nothing to write home about but it does very rarely have pop-ins. Not often but it did makes me pause and do a double take. Its generally in rooms with lots of objects.

-May have to tweak convergence setting/play at slightly less then optimal setting. Otherwise shadows/lighting will not 1:1 match.
-Lensflares are disabled[I had to write it but I honestly think it makes no difference]
-Very minor hud inconveniences.
-Issues are very minimal.
-It probably helped me get through game, lol. [I am not huge on actual story of Resident Evil games]
Rating: A-
Explanation: As I said, its not a game to write home about. I was never was a fan of actual Resident Evil story. I liked game play in RE4[Wiimote], and in RE5 it was especially cool with buddy but was never huge on actual story[Cut scenes were cool for most part though]. So either check the game for its Co-op/Resident Evil Fan. I would not use 3D as a deciding factor but its there if you get it basically.

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