Poker Night 2

Poker Night 2

3D vision Compatibility Patch

-AI can be quite derpy.
-Its a "disposable game". Spend X time playing. Toss it.
-Cool characters
-Funny dialog/banter.
Rating: B-
Explanation: Basically if you like two from the following you won't regret purchase: the characters, comedy, poker,......hats.  Game is fun/funny for most part but AI can be quite derpy. Games can last any where from like 20 rounds to 2 because of all in plays. You will get anywhere from 30 mins->3 hours of gameplay out of it pretty much.

-Shadows are turned off.
-Hud in settings screens are not fixed [Fixed in gameplay]
-Its pretty cool sitting with some of your favorite/cool characters in 3D, not to mention the intro.
Rating: B
Explanation: I really don't find shadows off to be a huge downer in this type of game and besides that its pretty much spot on. I basically did this one just cause I thought it was something that sounds cool to play in 3D.

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