Velvet Assassin

Velvet Assassin

Nvidia 3d vision driver
3D vision compatibility patch 
Click Launcher.exe then click settings. Everything Maxed. Settings can not be changed in-game.

-Autosave function only
-Stealth/meticulous/clever is rewarded
-Story is somewhat interesting. Based on a true story
-Upgrading system
Rating: C-
Explanation: Its a third person stealth game. They are extremely niche and almost non-existent nowadays. I honestly think only games in last like 6+ years were this and hitman's. You need a certain amount of patience to play this game and the autosave function can screw you over after being very elaborate only to die in next room. Long story short I think its better then earlier hitman's but not better then Blood Money/Absolution. If you like hitman's should give it a shot.
PS: I wonder if the developer thought they were clever making sure the character had the best butt in gaming in title called velvet ASSassin lol.

-Camera can clip walls rarely.
-No issues
-Butt...nuff said.
Rating: A
Explanation: No real issues and though I like stealth/first person better overall in 2D/3D. 3D always improves stealth games drastically. Its part of the danger aspect I suppose.

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  1. I purchased this after beating Far Cry 3 and I craved a real stealth game. I had played the demo for Velvet Assassin a few years ago and didn't like it that much, but it was on sale so I took the risk.

    I ended up quitting the game in frustration. The controls felt really stiff and the AI was unpredictable (in a bad way).

    I hated that detection was binary -- either they see you or they don't. This is the main reason the game is so difficult.

    I had a much better stealth experience in Metro: Last Light than in this game.