DMC - Devil May Cry

DMC - Devil May Cry

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-Many would say old Dante is gone.
-Boss encounters could be more epic.
-Doesn't offer much innovation to genre. As opposed to a console game of same release time frame, Metal Gear Solid Revengeance.
-Mechanics/ Gameplay is best in series.
-Lots of styles/ Abilities.
-Cinematic aspect is best in series.
Rating: B
Explanation: Yes..Yes.. old Dante is gone. He was a very cool character and I do agree, much cooler then new Dante. But old Devil May Cry's were pretty much a game based around a cool character. With the exception of Devil May Cry 3, they were all pretty mediocre. DMC is a just a much more rounded game. It was a welcome change after Devil May Cry 4.
PC Release Status: I always feel the need to do this part with Capcom games. Its 100% better on PC not that its amazing but anywho. Consoles are capped at 30 fps but PC is 60 FPS. Not to mention AMD picked it up so they "tweaked" it up a bit.

-Big hud point system can be an annoyance.
-Minor issues. Reflections seem to be off but it may be just me since I havent seen anyone else mention it. Its only cinematics from what I remember so its not a huge deal regardless.
-Adds to gameplay and makes cinematic scenes more engrossing.
Rating: A
Explanation: The hud is probably less of an annoyance for 1080p users but at 720p it can be a little distracting.

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