Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry 4

Nvidia 3D vision driver
3D Vision Compatiblity Patch
In-Game settings Max *Super High*. Turn off auto target lock-on circle.
InjectSMAA LINK HERE + GUIDE HERE [Up to preference. Game looks surprisingly sharp as is]
If you experience screen clipping Nvidia control panel->manage 3d settings->maximum pre-rendered frames:1

-40% of game uses same level design. This is kind of huge Con. Its explained.
-New main character isn't that interesting.
-Play as two seperate characters throughout game. Two different styles.
-Dante is a fun character and really gets you pumped when playable.
Rating: C
Explanation: C is what it basically sum up to. Its basically a fun romp. If you are fan of hack and slash/Devil May Cry you can bump it up. There really aren't that many hack and slash on pc. Level design issue is like this. 40% of game you play as nero going forward. 40% of game is Dante back tracking. Same level design, but monsters and encounters are changed. And like 20% remaining is the ending/different. As far as fighting mechanics its probably best in series. These games are fun and you really enjoy the combat but after a while you feel like you are going through the motions. I really liked that they gave two different characters with a wide variety of abilities to mix it up.
PC Release Status: Was worried it would be identical to console counter parts based on many of capcom's past projects but its much superior and runs very smooth. Its options are very weird though, just make sure its set for super high not high[Its a japan thing I think]. This is like one of the only games Ive seen capcom pull out the stops for on a pc release.

-Pretty minor. Some cinematic lensflares remain.
-Light beams are removed. These aren't light sources but are "for show". They don't really hurt the aesthetic too much by being removed. 
-Adds to gameplay/cinematics
Rating: A-
I mentioned it above but the for show light beams that were removed was pretty situational and removing doesn't really effect the visuals. They are kind of like the light beams that come out of those big pane glass windows. Just thick white beams really.
DX9 VS 10
Its an early DX10 implemented game. Little to no difference, this was a trend on capcom games in anything past 9. TBH, very little DX10 games managed to get a visual difference that's noticeable and many of them have performance issues [Crysis is a good exception to the rule]. DX11 really changed things around. DX10 was a big dud.

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