Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge

Nvidia 3D Vision
3D vision Compatibility Patch W/ Depth of Field Removed
Nvidia Inspector settings
SMAA Injector: ULTRA [Instructions]

-You often feel like you are going through the motions. Doing something similiar repeatedly and having to wait long periods for something exciting to happen.
-Its very easy to get stuck because a certain maneuver will be required which normally seems impossible but works in situation.
-Ending is terrible.
-Very unique style of game.
-Art direction is phenomenal.
-Many adrenaline pumping moments.
Explanation: Mirror's Edge is one of those games a lot of people will love but many will hate. I think its a game of great experiences/moments but the trouble is getting to them. Its gonna sound odd but the better you are at this type game I think the more fun you will have. It was kind of the first time I played a game like this and I had trouble making the necessary motions and died often.

-Minor crosshair inconviences that do no get in way of gameplay
-Game seems built around 3D. You see through the eyes of Faith and you can look down and see everything about her. When making jumps you actually see you are in mortal peril and when having an upclose confrontation you actually feel it.
-No longer is depth perception an issue. When you miss a jump, you know its your fault.
Explanation: Its one of those games you may of not liked but in 3D you don't regret playing it. Any closer to feeling you are Faith may come with the aid of an VR headset[possibly].... or growing breasts.
WARNING: Certain older diplays/displays prone to ghosting may have issues with game. Instructions on helixmod site may help alleviate it but it may still be an issue.


  1. I've been waiting for Mirror's Edge 2 for years, and I know at one point they were working on it, but it seems it's not coming anytime soon.

    I haven't played it in 4 years, so I haven't tried it in S3D, but I have sought out videos on Youtube. It's pretty crazy how much it benefits from S3D.

    I've been a huge skeptic of the Oculus Rift and don't believe it will be as great as many imagine it will be, but I would love to view this game with it.

    1. Its going to be about trading alot of S3D for VR. So who knows if the trade off will be worth it.