Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3

Nvidia 3D Vision Driver / Version 1.05<-Highly recommended

-Skill system is closely tied to a melee kill system which makes you feel forced to build character in such a way. I think its best to play the game with an open mind.
-"Logic" of the islanders in Far Cry 3. Its not necessarily bad AI though they can be quite derpy.They are constantly being tricked by rocks over and over again. They are in most situations armed to the teeth but still lose battles with komodo dragons. You begin to wonder how so many people are still alive with such survival instincts.
-Islanders"Warriors"/Vaas's men have very limited amount of models and seem to each have one voice actor each with very little lines. So basically keep seeing same character over and over with tons of repeating dialog.
-Interesting characters, especially the antagonist. Very rare in games.
-Strong narrative
-Great opening/intro. Sounds lame but so many games start off slow and basically you are committed by price tag. The game has probably one of best intro's I can think of.
-Encounters can easily go from average to epic.
-Prowling the jungle is such a great feeling and you actually feel the danger lurking.
-Become a warrior. You start off a scared tourist and actually become a warrior. You feel and see the transition [My complaint with Tomb Raider]
Rating: A
Explanation: Its ad says "Skyrim with Guns"... lamest thing ever but kind of accurate. They each have different strengths. They are both rather immersive even to a 2D user and if your a 3D user well...I'd read down.  Anywho, I highly recommend downloading version 1.05 which helps allow for more customization of hud/fov/etc. Its probably my top pick in open world type games like skyrim, fallout, etc. It has a story better then pretty much any blockbuster movie as well.
Personal note: I kind of recommend not using rocks. Game's AI is not bad for an open world game but it can quickly become easy to exploit especially with certain skills. Its fine in the beginning because its how you do things without a bow and barely knowing game. Game kind of rewards you by trying to go stealth melee kills via skills/points but with rocks its probably easier to clear a crowded camp then go in guns blazing. Its something that should of either required you to find one or have a huge cool down but is broken as is. If you want easy, just go easy but I'd stop using rocks by time you get bow.
PC Release Status: Its got a lot of optimization issues not to mention in game AA barely makes a difference minus performance cost. Its not ugly by any means and graphics are quite good but the problem is its not efficient. Its costs ALOT more then it should. Like if you have two cards SLI expect to walk out with performance equal to what you'd expect using single card.

-Minor light issue in some indoor areas. Pretty minor.
-Hud issues occasionally. *I personally recommend turning off all Hud options in settings regardless so this is a non-issue. It adds so much to game in 3D.
-Very immersive.
-"Danger Feeling" is very heightened.
-Brings out story/characters.
Rating: A+
Explanation: Its like an A for compatibility and up to a A+ for aesthetic. Its pretty obvious how much I loved this game from amount of time I spent tweaking it. There are games you play because they are 3D and there are games meant for 3D. This is probably top 10 games in 3D I recommend as long as you use 1.05 optimizations. 1.05 makes this game amazing in 3D, wide FOV, minimal hud. Danger feeling is hard to put into words and I really find 3D heightens it a lot. You will be prowling the jungle and you will see a vehicle approach. Did they see you? You go to find cover but then you hear an ominous roar. Your health is low and you go to run... but where?
DX9VS11. Why it wasnt mentioned.
There are definitely are games that benefit from DX11 over DX9. This is not one of them. I think this game was picked up by AMD late or they started adding features late but in-game AA barely works. DX11 should allow better performance nowadays but again, not case with this game. Nvidia inspector forced AA has lots of issues with DX11 as well.


  1. Far Cry 3 is a very repetitive game, yet somehow it held my attention despite my desire to play video games being at an all-time low.

    I was very late in playing this game, so I had heard that it had problems with being too easy. I played on the hardest difficulty available (I started a few days before the patch with the new high difficulty) and went for a lot of stealth play.

    Stealth in this open-world context is a lot of fun, but it's also extremely simple to isolate guards with rock throws, which makes it too easy.

    I have to confess that 95% of my play-time was in 2D. It wasn't until just before you gain access to the second island that I tried it in S3D with HeliX's fixes.

    It was definitely an immersive experience, but something about seeing this world in 2560x1440 pulled me back to 2D.

    1. I also went stealth melee which I really disliked for alot of it. It just becomes rinse wash repeat with rocks. Thats why I think crippleing yourself a bit and relying on a bow + loud weapon is pretty awesome. Fight or flight sorta thing.

    2. Like skyrim, go with whats most fun. I went with sword and board and stuck with it. It became unfun and is seriously unbalanced. Its a great game and many people enjoyed it.

      If I didnt rely on that build my mind would be different. But I was literally just running into people with my shield and stabbing when down. Something of a bit of everything would of been a breath of fresh air.

  2. I loved this game but found the performance to be lacking (in 3d surruond).. It's a real shame as the potential is there but the framerate is just too inconsistent.
    Played it to death to start with, but found it got easy, quickly.
    Enjoyed it all the way to the end though and the acting is great.
    Have you seen the real life promo videos with Vas etc? Very good.

    1. I played it twice and definitely agree with easy. Youd think stealth would be hard but it becomes more about exploiting the ai with rocks.

      I picked it up again with 1.5 turned off all the HUD (mmm) and replayed with bow and weapons[loud]. I try my best to pick people off with bow when not looking/watch patterns but I dont use rocks. If I have to I switch to weapon then all hell breaks lose. Id give it another shot when you upgrade.

      Ill youtube it, havent seen real life promo sounds awesome.

    2. Just watched it, a bit drawn out but I love Vaas.

      Very cool character and everyone's interpretation of him is different. I fine doing the "bad ending" explains a lot.

  3. Hey,
    Really like your site dude. Farcry 3 is an awesome game, have clocked it a couple of times. But you really need to check out Farcry 4. I have a leaked copy if you wanna download: http://downloads4freeee.blogspot.com