Zeno Clash 2

Zeno Clash 2

3D vision Driver
3D Vision Compatibility Patch
Nvidia inspector AA Settings
Optional injector AA  LINK HERE + GUIDE HERE
 UPDATE: Developers just added FOV options

-"Confusion"[Read below]
-No side quest tracking/Journal
-Cant holster weapons. So you either got to use it or lose it.
-Gameplay can be quirky. Detargetting,  etc 
-Very unique in almost all aspects
-Beautiful art design
-Interesting story
-Game has a "soul"[Read below]
-MANY different models/architecture[A huge pet peeve of mine, like looking into a crowd in alot of games you will see some guy and his ten twins. This game has a lot of variety in structure/models]
Rating: C
Explanation: Before going into explanation let me just say this is a game I admired more then enjoyed. Gameplay is very flawed.
Was a fan of the first one but you don't need to play ZC1 to enjoy ZC2. It sums up events pretty well intro and continues to fill you in as you progress. No game since Planescape Torment has defined its unique "other worldly" environment/characters so well. My favorite animated movie of all time is Nightmare before Christmas which may be in part why I love this game visually. Story/characters/world are so interesting and I salute anyone who strays from the "norm."
Now onto the bad, as I call it "Confusion." There is no side quest tracking/journal nor does it remind me you where the hand ins are. The map doesn't help at all in this regard, basically I had no idea and thought that I wasnt hitting a key/something wrong with map but its just how it is. Side quests are optional though so you don't have to do them. Its easy to get lost/frustrated in this game.
I really got sad with reviews on this one. Basically its a game with stunning visuals/design with its share of gameplay related flaws but it truly has a "soul." In this day and age of call of duty's/battlefield's/assassin's creed's/mmo's/f2p's that is something special.

-Minor issues.
-Map screen can be a minor hassle. [Have to hold key]
-It looks so beautiful and vibrant. Like you truly get to visit this "Other World".
-Gameplay has a much more in your face feel.
Rating: A
Explanation: Helix helped me track down most remaining issues so it looks gorgeous now. You truly get to visit an "other world". Definetly one of the coolest gaming worlds to visit in 3D. Main reason I put a lot of effort into this game. Even though the game itself won't be for everyone I still think its stunning in 3D and even 2D.

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