Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior
Settings Used:
3D Vision Driver [Might play similiar on AMD since it has its own render. UNCONFIRMED]
My settings/tweaks

-Humor is a bit dry
-Enemy types are a bit limited [not really that bad but would of liked more]
-Pacing [This is because of its old school nature and its not like other FPS where they are on rails. Not necessarily a con for everyone]
-Various style of playing.
-Good length
-Great leveling trees
-Good Gameplay
Rating: B+
Explanation: Its a game that take alot of great elements from other games namely Bulletstorm/Painkiller with some of its own ideas. I still maintain that Bulletstorm is my favorite but I could understand why anyone would prefer this game over it. BS is more fast paced + on rails | SW is more exploration + old school. Gameplay offers a lot of diversity and lets you mix it up. Which is good since you can replay game and it would actually be a bit different.

-Water in one area of game is messed up [very limited time there]
-Gun sights are unusable [Its a run and gun so it gets away with it]
-Works great and game is truly beautiful.
Rating: A
Explanation: Its a bit of a hassle at first to find "your convergence setting" but once thats out of way can play game and its great. Water is kind of an issue in that one area but amount of exposure to that area is limited. Gun sights are only issue if you "make it an issue". You shouldnt need them and there are people that probably go full game without using them.