Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

3D Vision Driver / Direct X 9
3D Vision Compatibility Patch 
Recommended Optimizations 
My Nvidia Inspector Settings
Optional injector AA  LINK HERE + GUIDE HERE [I did not use. Just listing for 1080P users. AA may be to heavy a performance cost and I didnt test any lower settings]

2D[Only singly player rated]
-Story/Non interesting squad.
-Perhaps difficulty but your warned now. Medium is pretty hard.
-Can get stuck between waves. Like take cover.Get out of cover, move up. Enemies come in, move back.
-Lots of situations where you just have to die.[I dont care how 1337 you are]
-Explosions, destructable environments.
-Solid gameplay.
-Always need a backup plan. Cover is only cover as long as it stands.
Rating: B
Explanation: Its a military FPS... story is always weak though they will always claim "blockbuster story." So basically I cant blame them for focusing in categories where it can be strong. My rating may be effected because I found every Call of Duty/Medal of Honor SP terribly dull.
PC Release Status: This game got a lot of people saying its a bad port, but I kind of blame its online community. Its got issues from being a port namely texture pop ins and some draw distance issues which I talk about minimizing. The game is very beautiful and has great effects/physics. The amount of objects on screen at once is very high as well. Performance is pretty solid... sure a rocket hits a building and shatters to a 100 pieces, performance will drop but not more then expected. The more you want the more you need.

-DX9 has weaker shadows. Discussed below.
-Minor hud issue in DX9 patch. Hud has issues on setup screen.
-More immersives and explosions in 3D are always awesome especially from first person view point.
Rating: A-
Explanation: Its pretty much A- with or without patch. Some people might not mind the wierd crosshair/ depthbuffer sights but it was just terrible for me.  Then again I hate huds in general, not to mention 2D text will often appear as you are aiming at enemy in depth which is just annoying. You are welcome to try non patched version and perhaps depending on settings you will have greater success then me. Basically I found that I couldnt play unless it was below 2D + depth otherwise depth buffer crosshair/gunsights break.
DX9 VS 11.
DX11 offers smoother shadows. Shadows have a bit of jaggyness that it smooths out. I find AA override almost settles the difference but not quite.
AA is only other perk but its a game that charges more then gives and can easily get more from overrides/injectors at much less cost.
Performance comparison was not tested.

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