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Nvidia 3d Vision Driver / Game Patch 1.01
3d vision compatibility patch
In-game settings. Maxed. Turn off Depth of field/distortion/in-game aa
Anti-Aliasing Compatibility:0x00000045   SLI compatibility 0x02402005. Change FOV. I didnt know of this till after I beat game so unfortunately I did not test but man would it have been nice

-Single Player only
-Lack of enemy types
-Levels look similiar throughout game
-Some nice mechanics like leveling weapons/abilities.
-Story is kind of cool for a FPS.
-Combat is better then most due to variety of weapons/abilities.
Rating: B
Explanation: Its a good single player game and I played it a couple of times. Basically if you like Bioshock/Wolfenstein/Half life 2 you will probably enjoy. Story is somewhat interesting and I really enjoyed the combat/leveling mechanics. It does single player FPS right. I think this game got written off by a lot of people because its borrows alot of elements from strong FPS's that I mentioned earlier.. which is not necessarily a bad thing.
PC Release Status: You NEED 1.01. It still has some issues since its mainly just a port of a UE3 game to PC[They always look better on PC but its never anything thats not worthy unless picked up by AMD/Nvidia]. Textures occasionally pop in but its not too bad. FOV is pretty terrible but I put up with it and unfortunately got linked to FOV changer afterward. I cant confirm how well that works but I recommend it based on read feedback.

-Some effects still broken. Not many but they are noticeable when they are shown.
-Minor hud annoyances.
-Its adds to gameplay.
Rating: B+
Explanation: It has its faults. The issues remaining like some water effects that are very noticeable when shown but are not prevalent throughout game.

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