Oculus Rift: Day 1

Tuscany Demo
-IPD tool was pretty smooth. Took maybe 5 minutes to get into game.
-"Screen door effect" is first thing I noticed. There was no real preparing for it though I've been told about it. Like 1/6 of the screen is pixel borders[blackness].
-Was worried about lack of depth/convergence.[CONVERGENCE] was very good. Objects that were close to you felt close and seemed to pop out at least a bit.
-[Overall 3d effect] Id say around 50% of what I am used to. Was pretty impressed overall, I was very worried based on 3dvision-blogs impressions.
-Headtracking seems 1:1 or close enough. It takes a bit of adjusting that "head movement" is only done with Rift. Like mouse doesn't matter.
-Image fills your full field of view which is very nice.
-Headtracking "motion blur" was very unexpected. Its not nausea related or anything. Moving head position/tilt will cause a blur similiar to a games motion blur. It can be pretty extreme depending on movement.
-Its kind of impossible to be immersed with this screen though, people say you can look around pixels but I dont find it possible. I think it will be truly impressive on a high res display.
-Its a demo of Rift functionality pretty much but nothing to do so got bored real fast but made sure to stay in it for 15 mins.

-Could not get game "playable". Rift functionality works but it offers no tool. Tried for maybe 20 minutes. Its kind of like, keep trying till it works. Which is a pain since you got to take rift off, then put on. Then repeat. I will have to revisit this game.

Team Fortress 2
-IPD tool similiar to Tuscany
-Should probably look for AntiAliasing nvidia override if I experiment again but jaggies were terrible. Wasnt near as noticeable on Tuscany. Checkerboard is obviously the same and thats much worse then any amount of jaggies.
-Hud is better then I expected. Crosshair is kind of like a light gun game [depth buffer]. Your head movement controls crosshair/turning. Hud that needs depth has it.
-Though your "personal hud" is annoying since it conflicts with your gun [2D hud on popout weapon]
-Tried other modes of playing but anything involving headtracking felt off. Could disable and use just as a 3D display though.
-While image filled my field of view it did have a blue border which was a tiny bit distracting. This may of been my fault rather then game due to IPD tool. I will test again on a different source game.
-Default was very disorienting for me to play in this style -Not nausea-. If you play a competive first person game with a controller its similiar to that but much worse. Enemies movements are faster then you can track pretty much.
-It just doesnt feel like a game ment for this design. You feel like a guy in a wheel chair in a Nascar circuit. A spy could run laps around you faster then you could target him. And your movement in comparison to head targeting/ turning is really off.
-The best mode was " 1: Aiming with the rift, steering with the mouse. This mode may be buggy and "drift" after a while" I did not test long enough that I ran into drift but it still felt off. Just using head for aiming is a bit weird but better then alternative.

Side notes
-Was using my glasses but will have to try "near sighted lenses". Wearing glasses causes a great deal of pressure.
-No nausea, head motion blur was an annoyance but not nausea.
-Have to set rift as main display. Had an issue after tuscany where games reported sensor wasn't working. TF2 would not let me play because of issue though it still worked in Tuscany but warned me headtracking wasn't working.
-Restarted to see if headtracking issue would fix, Main display would not turn on due to rift being main display. Had to unplug Rift Dvi Cable. Restart. Replug in at windows screen and set to main display again.
-Lots of putting Rift on. Putting Rift off. Settings screens, windows, etc.
-Moisture built up in Rift unit. This may be due to glasses and rift not being tight enough where breathing caused it. Will have to see if lenses will work for me.
-Watched a video of Legend of Grimrock/ Farcry 3 helixmod videos I recorded on stereoscopic players occulus rift mode. It works.

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