Oculus Rift: Day 2

[No games]
Mainly ramblings *Comedic drums*

I forgot to mention. The packaging and actual device are very well put together. Very top notch.
The casing itself is like something you'd see the military use. Nice foam inlays, metal casing. Better then any piece of electronics I've ever bought.

Spent day playing with optics. I am a glasses user with a rather strong prescription.
A Cups are Default. 20/20 vison
B Cups are for people with weak prescriptions.
C Cups are for "strong" prescriptions.

The trade off for not using A cups is  FOV is cut down. I assume B is less then C in reduction but I did not test. FOV being cut down is kind of a big deal for certain pieces of media like movies [Unless they have some kind of weird IPD tester]. You need to rerun the IPD tests for previous games when using alternate cups. Unfortunately it is semi blurry, even with C cups and takes FOV. Im gonna stick with cramped and "risk" scratching lenses. Changing cups is a real big ordeal, don't get me wrong though changing them in itself is simple. They really made it idiot proof. The problem is even the tiniest spec of dust.... IS HUGE. I think it says in manual to it upside down when doing it... yea make sure you do. You really dont expect it but something has a high chance of getting in by not doing it upside down like a spec could be on the foam inlay and just touching it may cause to fall in. Its a big process if you got to clean inside it. Its going to sound nuts but go into your bedroom/floor, lay on your back and change them that way.

Long story short, either look into rigging your rift if using glasses by removing padding [seems too extreme at the moment since its almost impossible to put back on] and still may run into issue OR into contact lenses. Non-A cups do not seem like a permanent/good solution.
I spent the day recording 3d vision games at set "Monitor sizes" and it seems like its possible to have depth/convergence comparable to 3D Vision IF the developer allows it [I haven't run into any]. I recorded quite a few videos till I found one I found similar to my projector setup. Around 60-80" seems to be the magic number for reconverting. Video I uploaded was using 60 "screen-size" but may be a tiny bit too high. 70" would probably be more accurate. I need feedback before I find out if this can cause eye strain/etc. Im a bit curious why depth is limited since its been mentioned that non-crosseyes should lead to less risk of eye strain. Perhaps its just to make the device more for "everyone".
Video uploaded to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE2amYfOFnQ

The more I play with this the more likely I feel that 3D vision/Tridef is realistically possible. Though I think expecting headtilt/headtracking to be a bit extreme. Headtracking maybe, tilt no.


  1. For what it's worth, the C cup lenses are at about -3.5 diopters in strength. Not sure why they don't just publish that.

    For dust on the screen, man you are right. It looks like a meteor when magnified. Easiest way for me to clean the screen is to take off both lenses, and use canned air to spray through one.

    1. Yea I eventually just layed on my back and air sprayed + cleaned with the lens cloth. It still took a lot of air plus wiping for 3 specks.