Remember Me

Remember Me

Settings Used:
3D Vision Driver

-Level design/Puzzles
-Combat[Beginning of game has a lack of variants/styles]
-Good artistic design[Unique world, succeeds similiar to Deus Ex]
-Memory Remixing[Game mechanic]
Rating: C+
Explanation: I was thinking of giving it a lower rating but it was a pretty unique game with some good ideas. The greatest flaw in game for me was level design. The game had such a good design/visuals but it just made getting from point A to point B boring. Many reviewers said combat wasnt good, I am not sure how much of game they played tbh. Its a style very similiar to batman but the lack of enemy variants in beginning of game makes it uninteresting but it picks up later on.
Memory remixing is a very cool mechanic which I won't go into detail. Also Nilin is the hottest video game female to date.... So that helps =) 

WARNING: If you have a display prone to ghosting you will have issues. This game has a very high contrast design. Probably higher then any game I've played. Depending on display this will effect your depth [like you need to reduce it cause of ghosting].
-Hud is at high depth [This is a big issue if you have a display prone to ghosting]
-Minor issues [lensflares.. pretty minor stuff that doesnt occur often]
-It definetly has a style that benefits from 3D. Hud elements are built into game world rather then user interface which looks very cool in 3D.
Rating: A+ [A for compatibility but aethestics boost it to A+]
Explanation: The game shines in 3D, if you played Tomb Raider you've probably seen how hud elements are built into game world. Remember Me does this much more so. I know it sounds weird to rave about huds but I find it very cool.

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