Enslaved : Odyssey to the West

Enslaved : Odyssey to the West 

Settings Used:
3D Vision Driver
3D Compatibility Patch
In-game settings/ Nvidia inspector settings used

-Combat [Repetitive]
-Limited Enemy types/variants
-MOCAP[Motion Capture] + Voice Acting
Rating: B+
Explanation: If your only interested in games for combat I don't recommend this game tbh. The gameplay isnt that bad but combat gets a bit repetitive. Besides that this game is very underrated. I actually played and beat it 3 years ago [in 2D no less *Xbox 360*]. This games Motion Capture kind of blew my mind. People talk about LA Noire but it had such an uncanny valley effect to me. Alot of emotions in this game and portrayed perfectly on the characters. Its more like a good novel then a game to me. It may not be AAA but can't really say no to this game at this price imo.

-Some hud elements are at different depth
-[DLC] Crosshair for sniper rifle is 2D.
-Very beautiful/scenic game. Not to mention I love two different settings for gameplay/cinematics.
Rating: A- Odyssey to the West | B- DLC
Explanation: Not really anything major wrong. I got a bit lazy for dlc but its still good.

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