Mortal Kombat : Komplete Edition

Mortal Kombat : Komplete Edition

Settings Used:
3D vision Driver
[Game has surprisingly good AA/ graphics]

-Lack of working Multiplayer[too many issues]
-Story Mode/Campaign consists of low qualitity movies
-Fan service [True to series]
-Violent [Kind of funny to put this into Pros but if ESRB is watching one game... it's Mortal Kombat]
-Multititude of characters/finishers/modes
-Great Story Mode/Campaign
Rating: A-  for Single Player + Offline Multiplayer | F for Online Multiplayer
Explanation: "Mortal Kombat is not about death, but Life."~ Mortal Kombat the Movie
Its hard not to crack up when you remember that quote from the movie, especially after this latest game.The game that caused the creation of the ESRB is back and it does not back down. The violence / finishers are stronger then ever.
The latest game took the franchise on the brink of death and revitizalies it while staying true to the original games. Not only that but it is the first fighting game that proves that story/campaign doesn't have to be bad and is actually pretty exceptional.
Online Multiplayer was dead on arrival.

-Close up scenes [X-rays]. Though they adjust a bit they can still distract.
-Minor issues.
-Low Qualitity movies throughout Campaign/Story Mode[50%]
-Minimal Issues.
-Can experience some of the most graphic violence in 3D [Wow, that's dark]
Rating: B [A- for compatibility, down to a B after aethestics]
Explanation: The major issue is definitely the low quality movies in story mode. It greatly takes away from the game as a 3D title. I don't really have any complaints outside that. You don't really need to go as high as depth as you normally do [imo.] Can play around with your settings to find what works for you.

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